Group Classes
* Students come with similar level of Chinese language knowledge
* Regular time schedule and location
* Small class size: 3-5 students

Beginners Mandarin Classes
Beginners can choose from these classes based on their goals:
General Mandarin class: This class will help students learn all the skills of Mandarin – speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This is the best choice for students who will use Mandarin in their career.
Conversation Mandarin class: This class is ideal for students who have some beginners Mandarin skills but want to be more fluent with their speaking. It can also help those students who want to take the HSK test.
Casual Mandarin class: This class is a great choice for students who just want to learn some Mandarin so they can talk with their Chinese friends, colleagues, or family members in Mandarin.

• $380 for 15hrs class
• $480 for 20hrs class
Textbook: $50 (covers 3 sessions/levels and includes MP3CD)
Registration fee: $50 (one-time for new students)
Discounts: Register with a friend, registration fee waived. If 3 or more students register together, more discount!
Please contact us to get more information!
Classes for Intermediate & Advanced Levels
Know some Mandarin already and ready to advance to the next level? We are running ongoing Intermediate & Advanced Level classes at our Thornhill / North York location. Please contact us to get more information!
Online Instructor Led Classes
Considering learning Mandarin at home during the busy season or to avoid long distance travel to come to class at our school? Here is another great choice for you! Learn online with our teacher in a live session. Try our free lesson and you will know the result! Please contact us for more information.
Specialty Writing Class
You will learn writing of Chinese characters starting from basic strokes and radicals, and learn the meanings of the pictographs. Through guided writing practice, you will increase your vocabulary rapidly, leading to improved reading skills.

Class Size: 1 student (one-on-one with instructor)
Course Duration: 6 lessons, 1 hour each
Tuition: $299
Materials Fee: $25
Registration fee: $50 (one-time for new students)

Please contact us for more information on any of our classes or special programs.
And if you are interested in other class times / locations or specialized courses, just let us know. We aim to accomodate you!

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