Private Classes
In our private classes, we tailor the curriculum to meet individual student needs, for example: traveling, working, and daily life. We can focus on conversation only, reading and writing, business Mandarin, etc. For advanced students we can concentrate on Chinese cultural, social, and economic issues.

* Instructor identifies your personal and professional needs
* Total flexibility in time schedule, location, and learning pace
* Learning results will be maximized from personalized attention

  Number of Students Tuition Fee (per student)  
1 $55 / hr
2 $35 / hr

* Registration fee: $50 for one student,  $80 for group of 2 or more (one-time)
* Materials fee: depends on the curriculum the student follows

Please note: Our instructors can optionally teach private classes at the student's location. For this option, $10 more per hour will be charged, plus a transportation fee may be charged depending on the student's location. We currently serve the GTA, Mississauga, Oakville, and Hamilton.

Please contact us for more information.

Friends Class for Kids / Teens

Our Friends Class is a private group class for school-age students who want to learn Mandarin together with their friends. We offer this special class at our Thornhill / North York and Downtown locations or at your home. Students can arrange their own schedule on weekdays or weekends -- we will accomodate you!
* Tuition fee at our school: $75 per hour for the whole group
* Tuition fee at your home: $90 per hour for the whole group
* Materials fee: based on curriculum
* Note: a transportation fee may be charged if your group wants the class at home
* Group size must be at least 3, at most 7, students of similar age
* Duration for each class must be from 1.5 to 2 hours, total 2 to 4 hours each week

Family Class for Parents & Kids

Our Family Class is a private group class for parents to learn Mandarin along with their kids in the comfort of their own home. Our teacher will involve parents with their kids to learn actively as a family, with each lesson specialized for the age group of the kids.
* Tuition: $90 for the 1st hour, $60/hr after for the whole group
* Group size: Up to 3 kids and 2 parents or caregivers
* Materials fee: $50 per textbook / CD set
* A transportation fee may be charged depending on your location
* Kids must be similar age group
* Duration for each class: 45min-1 hr kids five & under, 1.5-2 hrs kids six & up
* Flexible schedule!

*NEW* Online Instructor Led Classes

Considering learning Mandarin at home during the busy season or to avoid long distance travel to come to class at our school? Here is another great choice for you! Learn online with our teacher in a live session. Try our free lesson and you will know the result!

Please contact us for more information.
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