Learn Mandarin Explore Beijing
We arrange short-term immersion programs for students wishing to study Mandarin and travel in Beijing. These programs are offered in co-operation with universities in Beijing. Students will live on campus at a university in Beijing. They will have four hours of in-class Mandarin study every day Monday to Friday. Some traditional Chinese arts and culture programs are offered in the afternoon as optional courses, such as Tai Chi, Chinese brush painting, etc. Visits to cultural sites such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and Tiananmen Square are arranged on weekends. You also may have an opportunity to enjoy the famous Beijing opera.
This summer we are proud to offer our Learn Mandarin Explore Beijing program at the Beijing Union University. Click here to see the full class schedule.

Testimonial from one of our 2009 participants:
"Studying Mandarin in Beijing has definitely been one of the most memorable life experiences ever! Not only did I learn so much in class everyday but also had the opportunity to practice what I learned out in the real world. The teachers at Beijing Union University were fantastic and the student teacher ratio was very accommodating for a learning environment. Thank you Ranran for making it all happen! "
Keo S.
student, Toronto

We also offer immersion programs throughout the year, including winter the time of Chinese New Year festivals!
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