"Adult learners need not fear. Ranran makes learning Mandarin manageable, easily understandable and enjoyable. Her attention to detail in pronunciation gives you confidence that you will be understood outside of the classroom, and her wonderful manner erases any self consciousness you might feel when practicing. Ranran is really a gifted teacher."

Penny Park
Supervising Producer, Discovery Channel Specials

"Ranran was a fantastic teacher and we enjoyed the classes very much. We learned a lot and thought she presented all the material in a professional manner, yet at the same time with a good sense of humour. She also exhibited quite a bit of patience with some of our students who were having more difficulty than others."

Joel Pollock
Classified Manager, NOW Magazine

"Teacher Ranran Hao provided me with a comfortable and positive
learning environment where I was able to practice and improve on my existing
Mandarin skills.  Ms. Hao's pronunciation is clear and easy to understand which helped me improve my own pronunciation and tones.  With her warm and patient attitude, I would recommend Ms. Hao as a private / group Mandarin teacher."

Chinese Canadian

"Ranran is an outstanding teacher of Mandarin especially for me as a beginner. Ranran took the greatest of care to ensure that I got my pronunciation right and she would not settle for anything less than perfection. Ranran also tells her students lots about life in China and how to use Mandarin in different social situations so you get a feeling that the Mandarin you are learning with her will serve you well both for speaking and social communication should you find yourself in China."

Dr. James Mulhall, MD

"After a little more than a year with Ms. Ranran Hao I find myself able to speak, read, and write efficiently and effectively in Chinese!  What's more is that while I was in China, I had a chance to use the language, and I found that the locals understand me thanks to Ms. Hao's effective teaching!  Her methods are accepted in many world renowned universities, and in fact both the University of Beijing and McGill in Montreal follow the same structure and lesson format as she does!  To conclude, Ms. Ranran Hao is a wonderful teacher, who can answer questions with ease and can teach extremely effectively.  I would recommend her to anyone and everyone remotely interested in learning Mandarin, because not only does she teach the right material, she teaches it well."

Zachary Berge-Becker
Grade 11 student, Northern Secondary School

"The textbook was really helpful and our teacher was great at giving me extra words. She actually recorded her own voice and we practiced using her recordings in class. Very Helpful! I really enjoyed her class. She is a remarkable teacher!"

Deviann David


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